This Summer!

The last day of school is almost here, 19 days away!  I am so excited for school to be over, and summer to begin! Each year me and my family go to the beach, this year we are going to bald head island. In summer I am also really excited for for the pool to finally  be open! Another thing that I do every summer is, Is go to camp with my friends!

The first thing that I am going to do this summer is go to bald head island with my family. Normally me and my family go to Outer banks but this year we decided to switch it up. My grandma is going with us, she is the one who arranged the trip. Me my grandma, my sister Stephanie, my sister Samantha, my mom, my dad, Raymond, My aunt Jen, my uncle Brian, my cousin Anna, and my other cousin Caroline! I am really excited because my cousins live in Colorado so we do not get to see them very often. At Bald Head Island you can only ride on golf carts because they do not allow cars there. We are going right after school gets out and I am so excited!

I am so excited for summer to come cause the pools will finally be open! I love going to the pool on a burning hot day! The community that I live in has three pools, the Southern Walk pool, the Community Pool, and the Summer Brooke pool! My Favorite pool is the Southern walk pool, I like this one the best because it is the biggest. I am excited for the pool to open!

Every summer I go to camp! This summer I am only doing 2 weeks of camp. The first week of camp that I am doing this is summer is in June we are going to go to great wolf lodge and go tubing! The second week of camp that I am doing is the first week of august, in this week we are going to the beach! Camp is so much fun every summer I look forward to it!



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National limerick day

Yesterday, may 15 was national limerick day! S0, in class yesterday we made a few limericks. I did two one about my friend page and then one about a cat.  Typically in Limericks you will see the following.

  • The first, second, and fifth lines rhyme with each other and the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other.
  • Start with “Once there was a,” or “there was a.”
  • Will have five lines
  • Most of the time are silly, funny

So today I am going to share with you a few limericks.

Bad cat 

There once was a bad cat

who was fat with the name Matt

he got hold of a bat

and then some mats

When he sat on the Matt he was very



there once was a girl named Paige

She liked to drink peach tea

with sweet tea

she got trapped in a cage and that was the end of Paige.


Famous Quote

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are” – e.e cummings
In the world today people are being judged left and right, about who they are. About how they look what they do and so on, often times pressuring that person into trying to change how they look or how they do something. So yeah it would take someone a lot of courage to not try to change themselves and just have themselves grow up how they would like to, grow up not trying to change themselves every two seconds. So if you could grow up and not take the harsh comments and try to “change” your self than you probably do have a lot of courage.   


One Little Word



In 2015 I will be fearless. I chose fearless, because I need to stop being afraid. I am going to be fearless in everything that I do, at home, at school, everywhere. In 2015 I will be fearless, not be afraid of the doctor coming in with that sharp needle, not being afraid to take the small steps in healing my foot, or the things that threaten to haunt my dreams at night. Being fearless sounds amazing, imagine being able to wake up in the morning completely free. I will be fearless by looking my fear straight in the eye and laughing. In life obstacles are going to come my way, whether I’m going to be fearless or afraid. But in 2015 when one of these obstacles tries to stop me instead of having fear I will be fearless.



Where I am From

Where I am from

by- Sabrina

I am from Sean and Melissa,

I am from brown hair and brown eyes.

From Virginia to Colorado.

I am in family that never gives up and that likes to be in control.


I am from “try harder” and “keep going,”

From barbie dolls and baby dolls,

I am from hair bows and pony tails.

I am from all day ski trips and long road journeys,

I am from late night sorry tournaments and on going monopoly games.

I am from 5am-10pm volleyball tournaments,

I am from throwing the lacrosse ball,

I am from broken bones and sprained ankles,

From “put some ice on it” and “its fine.”

I am from wheres the cat and what did you feed the him,

I am from “did you feed the fish?”, and “where is the hamster?”

From “is he dead?” to “he is gone.”

I am from Goodnight Moon and where the Wild Things Are,

From Sweet Caroline and the pulse radio.

I am from “nice try” and “good job,”

I am from “ok fine” and “STOP IT.”

I am from Stephanie and Samantha.

I am from late night starbucks and cold stone trips,

From loud music so loud that it shakes the car.

I am from a sisterhood that will just grow stronger.

I am from a family tree,

that just keeps growing,

With its branches reaching up to the stars.

I am from a box of memories in the closet,

that is overflowing with memories and pictures.

  I am a throw on the field that has not reached the goal line yet.