Where I am From

Where I am from

by- Sabrina

I am from Sean and Melissa,

I am from brown hair and brown eyes.

From Virginia to Colorado.

I am in family that never gives up and that likes to be in control.


I am from “try harder” and “keep going,”

From barbie dolls and baby dolls,

I am from hair bows and pony tails.

I am from all day ski trips and long road journeys,

I am from late night sorry tournaments and on going monopoly games.

I am from 5am-10pm volleyball tournaments,

I am from throwing the lacrosse ball,

I am from broken bones and sprained ankles,

From “put some ice on it” and “its fine.”

I am from wheres the cat and what did you feed the him,

I am from “did you feed the fish?”, and “where is the hamster?”

From “is he dead?” to “he is gone.”

I am from Goodnight Moon and where the Wild Things Are,

From Sweet Caroline and the pulse radio.

I am from “nice try” and “good job,”

I am from “ok fine” and “STOP IT.”

I am from Stephanie and Samantha.

I am from late night starbucks and cold stone trips,

From loud music so loud that it shakes the car.

I am from a sisterhood that will just grow stronger.

I am from a family tree,

that just keeps growing,

With its branches reaching up to the stars.

I am from a box of memories in the closet,

that is overflowing with memories and pictures.

  I am a throw on the field that has not reached the goal line yet.

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